What terror will never be able to achieve (@DavidJimenezTW , El Mundo, Editor in Chief)

David Jiménez, El Mundo Editor in chief.
For some time I ran Koranic schools in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Indonesia, moved by my inability to understand Islamic terrorism. He had covered for regular attacks in the three countries and interviewed victims. He wanted to know why someone had put a belt of explosives into a nightclub and massacre people I did not know anything and that nothing had been done.I found an answer in Al Mukmin, a Javanese without resource center where parents left their children to receive an Islamic education. Everything could be explained in one word: fear. Beyond the Koran or virtue, which was to inculcate students was fear. Fear of the West, which the teachers wanted to destroy their community. Americans fear, outrage seeking their mothers and sisters. Fear of those who were not Muslims who conspired to crush their religion. Gradually, those guys had-not, of course, girls, learned to dehumanize the imaginary enemy. And so until converted into real, they were convinced that there was something heroic about eliminating it.The boy had been transformed into a terrorist.


The effectiveness of indoctrination was demonstrated in the fact that most participants in the slaughter of Bali, where more than two hundred people died in 2002, had studied in school Al Mukmin. There was no improvisation in efforts to raise that factory extremists, but ideology. Totalitarian in its determination to impose their religion to the world; racist, believing that they were touched by an unattainable purity for other believers; and fascist in its ambition to consolidate absolute power where reason must submit to the supreme leader. These organized the suicide bombings, but never volunteers for martyrdom are presented. Paradise for them could ever hope for.

Precisely because it is an ideology, and is transmitted from childhood, Islamofascism is so difficult to eradicate. In recent years it has been fed by war, the disastrous interventions allies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and frustrations of an Arab spring that never was. But also for the advancement of what Salman Rushdie described as “a paranoid version of Islam” that because of all evil infidels, isolated communities tightly so that they are not “contaminated” and seeks to alter the values ​​of society that despises , something that can never be achieved in a country like France.

Citizens of Paris on Friday left the Stade de France singing ‘La Marseillaise’, while the capital was under siege and his compatriots died riddled were saying just that the perpetrators of the attacks: you are very little compared to people who wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789; your enlightened are insignificant in the country of Joan of Arc, de Gaulle, Pasteur or Voltaire; the crimes of how proud you feel they are unable to alter the foundations of the Republic. “You can hurt, yes, but do not have no chance of winning,” they seemed to sing the French in their sad and proud way.

I felt some envy as I watched the video, how different it seemed all the atmosphere that followed the attacks of March 11 in Madrid. The Spaniards have defeated ETA, largely thanks to the courage of police, councilors and journalists who refused to be overcome by fear. Also because we understand violent than ever weaken our hand to blackmail, we strip them of legitimacy even to his supporters, we were relentless in applying the law and we remained united even in the most difficult moments. 11M if the memory is still so painful, beyond the memory of the victims, it is because, when we lived the moment that is happening France, we were unable to set aside the two Spains. It is a lesson that must accompany us on, because the battle will be very long and can only be won if we stay together, inside and outside Spain, alongside those who are not willing to give in to terror.

David Jiménez
Editor in Chief “El Mundo”
(Traducción Jaime Trabuchelli)

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