Act of Faith: Behind the Scene

We ride confidently on the horse of unsustainability.

Population growth is unsustainable. The pollution of the planet, is unsustainable. It is untenable as the economy goes. The energy model of the world: unsustainable. And we could go on ad nauseam.

But confident ride, semi unconscious on the runaway horse of our swift and voracious life slowly losing consciousness neighbor at the time of self-consciousness, reading less and worse books, captured by celular and absent in History . Although it sucks, that’s true.

Our times are accelerated as our nervous system.The awareness of our potential requires us to exhaustion and we lack of the courage we need to stop and say: “I am, I don´t need to adorn myself with so much achievement and gold”.

Who will shoot the film of “our-today-world” so we could se clearly our insanity?

Here we make rockets so people can throw them one each other, guns so we can kill between us… but I can see now the looks of ironic contempt, that they put me the stamp of näif simpleton. Yes, I am guilty of hating bombs – everyone do, of course – and weapons. And I’m guilty, above all, of detesting a civilization that does not know how to intervene to override the will to take these weapons and kill. Because, what danger will if nobody wants to use?

“Sometimes we are too ready to believe that Present is the only possible state of things.” Marcel Proust.

What a great thought this of Proust! I would add that this readiness is forged in the ancestral human learned helplessness, traumatized by his consciousness of imperfection – the vedic statement of “Anava Mala”-.

But we have a great opportunity. A unique opportunity to put our ethics and morals to match our technological development of consciousness. Since then we have all the technical means for our civilization as a whole to ensure that this planet is sustainable and enjoyable for 100% of humanity. That means the end of wars and misery, and the beginning of education, health, food and housing, decent and universal. From there we will be in an excellent position to pursue happiness.

At worst we are too ready to believe that Present is the only possible state of things. And the worst also, in a logical perversion, we are too ready to consider alternatives to the present are only removable from the past.

But look: I think the biggest problem is the paradigm of scarcity principle that governs the economy itself from its etymological origin. In the sixties began to emerge Humanistic Psychology as an intellectual and spiritual elite in American Counterculture emerged within the hippie movement, fueled by the underlying principle of “win-win”. This opened a gap that has gone unnoticed by almost everyone and eventually break the trap building the Cartesian-Newtonian built to greater misery to modern man. Thought That approach has a far greater and more generous intelligence that considering your chessmen as the only reality of the world or otherwise explained, as if the earth were to never be tomato, or the cell had just never being steak.

Stop the stupidity: resources are not scarce; resources are infinite as the universe is infinite. Talent is infinite, like stupidity. So powerful is the one and the other to take us to the fullness or misery respectively. You have to be goofy, and I mean, to think that the universe is finite. I’m still looking for the sign that says “Here the world is ending. From here, nothing”. And the fact is that for much imagination I am able to develop, I don´t imagine the existence of nothingness. I only fits their nonexistence.

And I can´t help but to observe ourselves as unconscious children breaking toys again and again, but far from fun, cry incessantly. Blind. Hopelessly blind.

The scarcity principle emerged from a little mind principles. It grew out of a petty and mean approach to life, by definition unsustainable. Would it have been the direct and intuitive observation of Nature to appreciate the grandeur around us and so be ready to feel it as ours too. Albert Einstein, this versatile genius, tried to convey throughout his life another worldview that he himself saw in the hollow of matter. Perfectly linked their scientific findings with the perennial philosophy and was a perfect forerunner of the revolution in thought that would come in the second half of the twentieth century and will surely take a generation to flourish among us.

There are still many metaphors for dropping this little reductionist thinking in our daily lives. The economic crisis caused by the landmark-Lehman Brothers is one of them – the epitome of scarcity principle led to absurdity – and the problems caused by the consumption of oil, other. We are breaking the soil that sustains us, burning and poisoning the air that gives us life, polluting the water that keeps us and we started to accumulate junk in space, because we do believe in the infinite-dump. Look only in a very silly thing: in nature there is hardly anything square, but human beings are real machines produce square things. Something’s does not square – ironies … -. Thinking only in two dimensions, philosophical origin of bipartisanship, Manichaeism and bipolar disorder.

Generosity is a sign of wisdom, intelligence sublimated, and naturally, start by thinking, by what we choose to believe. The whole attitude to life is based on beliefs, because life itself is changing and that takes the certainties of nearly unfailing way. We perform daily amount of such acts of faith, that the mere awareness of this dynamite our self-image as rational beings. Come on … But we can choose the direction we want to give to all this. At the end of the day we handle infinite resources in the limited time that we preserve this fascinating dual contraption that is the human body. And the chances of this are enormous worth. Needless to start on boot, but going from black and white to color.

jaime trabuchelli

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